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Anna linhardt

Experienced video editor, camera operator, photographer, storyteller, video marketer, and motion graphics designer with over 5 years of experience creating corporate videos, commercials, and social media videos and photography. Collaborative and driven videographer ready to create excessively awesome and innovative media. 


Transitions Group 2019-Present

          Videographer/ Photographer /Social Media Strategist 

          Video production for all internal, commercial, and corporate video. Strategic marketing planning and  graphic 

           design for print materials, AND social media strategy, planning, and production.
           Product and
personnel photography. Video podcast producer/editor. 


Dark Horse Productions 2015-2019



         Script writing, video editor, and camera operator for commercials, corporate video, and short-form social media                 videos. Worked with many different companies, films, and commercials with this production house. 

NK Telco Inc. 2015-2017 | 2018 

        Editor and Camera Operator 


Editor, Camera Operator 

Live sporting events camera operator.  Video editor for commercials, social media content, and live broadcasts. 

AEON Corporation  2017-2018

Fujieda, Japan 

English Teacher, Student Adviser, Curriculum Designer 

AEON is the #1 English conversation school in Japan. Every day is a fast-paced whirlwind of lessons, interviews, and counselings. Time management was key to achieving success at this school. 


LockOne Productions  2014-2017

Findlay, Ohio 

Editor, Writer, Camera Operator  
Video editor for internal corporate videos, training videos, concerts, commercials, and conferences. 


Vida Muertos: A Noir  (Short Film) 2015-2016

Bowling Green, Ohio

Production Designer 

This short film was directed and produced by Thomas J. Castillo. Production designer, set dresser, costume design and production, makeup, and assistant lighting designer. 

2017 Chicago Latino Film Festival

2017 Canton Film Festival (Winner, Action/Sci-Fi/Fantasy category)

2017 Glass City Film Festival

2017 Allied Media Conference

2017 Roxbury International Film Festival

  • Video Editing (6 years) 

  • The Adobe Creative Cloud Programs (6 years)

  • Camera Operator (8 years)

  • Photography (8 Years)

  • Production Planning (6 years) 

  • Maya Autodesk (3 years)

  • Motion Graphics (2 Years)

  • Lighting (3 years)

  • Sound Design/Foley Artist (6 Years) 

  • Screenwriting (4 years) 

  • Storyboard Artist (3 years)

  • Production Design (1 year)

  • Microsoft Office (10 Years) 

  • Social/communication skills (∞ years)

  • Teaching English (1 year) 

  • Japanese Language (2 years)


Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio

BA - Film Production 
Minor in Animation.

GPA 3.86, Magna Cum Laude


  • On the Dean’s List every semester

  • B. F. Nordmann Scholarship Award

  • Created a minor that is now official

  • Professor used my screenplay as a good example in their teaching portfolio

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